Straight Stairlifts

All stairlifts move by the use of a rail which is fixed to the steps of the staircase. The most common type of stairlift is the straight stairlift which have a straight rail from your top landing to your bottom landing. These are suitable only if you have no right/left angle bends or twists or a landing with additional steps to the head of the stairs.

Prices start from £500
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Straight stairlifts are less expensive than a curved stairlift as they have a shorter installation and manufacturing time and require fewer modifications. The costs for a straight stair lift range from £800 to £1500 depending on model and step configuration. Each stairlift is designed to fit your individual stairs from the number and depth of the steps to the angle of the staircase therefore quotations for stairlifts are dependent on a home survey as telephone quotations can not be totally accurate and can only be taken as estimates that may alter.

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Cumbria Stairlift

This make of stair lift comes in two power types, it can be driven by battery or mains and each model looks near identical. The main difference is that the DC battery model can still operate in the event of a power cut, where the AC mains only requires less ongoing maintenance. The Cumbria stairlift is designed specifically for straight stairs and is very slimline but at the same time has a large seat and foot rest that make it very comfortable and the controls are easy to operate. It is very popular and the model chosen by many local authorities and health centres as it is safe, reliable and cost effective. Main features and beneifts are:

Large seat/backrestCompact designChoice of colours Smooth & quiet


Companion Straight Stairlift

Companion stairlifts are made to suit your lifestyle and also your taste. The way they describe their lifts is that they are “the stylish stairlift” and that they provide the ultimate in durable seats fabrics and colours. This type of stairlift will be slimline to ensure that your stairs can still be used if there are other people living in the house. They are also remote controled which is easy to use and if more than one person uses the lift it can be sent back down for the next ride by the touch of a button. The fabrics and colours can be picked to ensure they suit the decor of you home and can also be re-upholstered at a later date in this is required. Main features include:

Powered hinge trackSwivel seatEasy to use controlsLuxury colours/fabrics

Minivator 950 Straight Stairlift

This models of lift is very compact in design and is fitted close to the egde of the stairway giving lots of space for other people who use the stairs. Being battery operated it continues to work as normal in the event of a power cut, as the battery is continually charged wherever it is positioned on the track and also mean the lift can be parked anywhere along the track when not use. It is operated by a key switch and once switched on the ‘toggle’ is used to move the stairlft by pointing it in either the up or down direction. The seat is adjustable and swivels at the bottom or top so that you can get out easily and more important safely. Benfits are:

Wipe clean fabricClip seat belt as standardBattery operatedToggle switch