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If you are looking for curved or straight stairlifts Weymouth then you need not look or search the internet any further. You may even be searching on behalf of a friend or relative and just need to get more information on stairlifts in Weymouth. We are able to provide you with prices and information (or just a brochure) for all curved stairlifts, straight stairlifts and even stair lift rental. Simply complete the form to the right or call us on the telephone number above. We will then be in touch with the information you need..

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Some common questions and answer…

Now that you are contemplating buying a stairlift in Weymouth, there are bound to be questions that you are looking for answers to. The online form you find on our website will help us contact you. In the meantime, here are a few frequently asked questions and their answers.

“What is the cost of a stairlift?” Now every stair differs from another. A Straight one starts at £700 while a Curved one starts at £1500. Our surveyor provides you with a free quotation, without any commitments required from you either. Surveyors not only give you a detailed explanation about the product but also ensure you get one that suits your needs perfectly.

“Does it take up too much of space?” A change in the design makes sure that stairlifts are now slimmer that before. When you are not using it simply fold it and keep it away. This leaves you plenty of space to use the stairs. Our products are ruled by the British Safety Standards which requires them to enable the free use of the staircase.


“I want it to be installed real fast.” Our quick service is something we are popular for. Whether it is fixing an appointment with our surveyor or installation of the stairlift, we are way faster that others in the business. Our surveyors in various locations, and installers who install stairlifts in less than even an hour, enable us to be real quick in what we do.

“I hope there is no possibility of damage to the hallway.” The design of the stairlift is such that no walls are used for installation and hence the hallway is left untouched. Screws make sure that the rail is in place on to the stairs without damaging even your carpet. After installation our crew ensures that they tidy up the place in the most thorough manner.

“I need a stairlift that suits my physical needs” Not every customer has the same needs. While providing solutions for stairlifts we have kept this in mind. Our range of products ensures that every customer is taken care of and suitable modifications are made wherever required. Our surveyors not only provide you with a free quote but also make sure that all your needs are carefully noted down so that the best products may be offered to you. The products offered can also be compared pricewise thus giving you a range of options.

“I have limited time on my hands” We understand how busy you are. That is why we have a process that will suit you just fine. Fill in our online form and we will take care of every other aspect involved in getting stairlifts Weymouth. A survey followed by your choice of product, a quick installation as per your specifications and your stairlift is ready to use before you know it.

“I am not a very tech savvy person” Stairlifts have the simplest of operations. There is just one switch that moves the stairlift and this is all you will be required to operate. Everything else with regards to the operations of the stairlift is taken care of by our installation crew. The maintenance too can be taken care of through service contracts.


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