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If you are looking for Stairlifts Blackpool then you need not look or search the internet any more – we can provide discount prices for curved and straight stairlifts in Blackpool. Simply complete the enquiry form to your right or call us on the telephone number above. We can provide you with a free brochure posted out or arrange for a free survey – where you can find out more information about having which type your need and getting a stairlift installed.

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We often get asked over the phone how much will a stairlfit cost – and there is no simply answer. The best advice we can provide is that firstly it depends on which stairlift type you will need. If your stairs curve at the bottom or top onto a landing then you will need a curved stairlift – which is in general more expensive that a straight stairlift. The reason is that the rail of which the lift runs on has to be custom made to fit the curve of your stairs and installation requires alot more work, hence the price is higher. Its best to get in touch, we can visit your home do a quick survey and then provide you with an exact price.

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Stairlifts Blackpool – there are many companies and specialists across the whole of the UK who specialise and installers of straight and curved lifts for stairs. The difference is not really a choice as it depends on the stairs that you have in the home. If they curve at the tope going onto a landing or at the bottom of the stairs then the chances are that you will need to have a curved stairlift. This involves the rail/track that the actual seat/chair sits on and runs up and down the stairs needs to be custom made so that it fits the exact shape of your stairs and wall. This customisation is the main reason for added costs involved. On the other hand with a straight stairlifts the rail and track come pre-made and to standard sizes which therefore means that they can be fitted to any stairs which do not curve onto a landing. Stair Lifts Blackpool.