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Many of us get to a point in our lives where our mobility is reduced, whether through old age or through a temporary or permanent disability.  Our homes, however, are built for able-bodied people, generally including stairs.  If we are no longer able to safely navigate these, we may require additional help, for instance in the form of an electronic lift.  There are two general types of lifts, as we will review.

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Curved stairlifts Stafford are made in such a way to be placed on a specific set of stairs.  This means that they are custom made items, each one entirely changed from the next one.  These go on stairs that have either bends or corners, which is more and more common in modern properties.

Straight stairlifts, however, simply go up and down.  This means that they can be removed and refitted to any other type of staircase that also doesn’t have any curves as this type of lift is not capable of going around any corners or bends.

The aesthetics of both these models are an issue of concern for people.  However, a stairlift Stafford is now much smaller as what it used to be.  Not just that, they are now so made that they can be folded up and are out of the way for those people who do manage to walk up and down the steps with ease and safety.

Others also worry that there will be damage to their hallway.  However, the rail of these lifts isn’t actually attached to the wall, which means there will be no breakage at all.  A good manufacturer or broker will also at all times make sure there is no damage at all to your carpets and the team who comes to put your lift in place will ensure they leave the property in an excellent and clean condition.  Hence, your home will look great very quickly.