Stairlift Prices and Costs

Firslty you need to identify which stair lift you need to have fitted. If you have an angle or 90 degree turn either at the top, middle or bottom of your stairs then you will more often than not need a curved stairlift installed. If your stairs go straight from the bottom to the top then a straight stairlift is what you need.



Curved Stairlifts are more expensive compared to straights as the track is made to the exact specification of the shape of your stairs, as a rough guide the price can be between £1000 and £4000.

If you have no bend or turn then you will only need a straight stairlift as the tracks come in standard lengths and can therefore be fitted to any set of stairs depending on the length as most straight stairs are the same.

» Cost Between £1000 and £4000

Straight Stairlifts are often alot cheaper than having a curved installed and it is also often the case that they can be fitted quicker. As a rough guide the price will be between £500 and £2000.

These prices are only a guide so please use the form to your right to get a more accurate price. Factors such as access to the stairs and whether you have brand new or reconditoned stairlift may also effect the price.

» Cost Between £500 and £2000