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We can provide a free price and survey for all stairlifts Norwich – whether you need a curved or straight stairlift or simply need some free advice feel free to give us a call. We can meet all of your needs so you do not need to search the internet any more! Simply complete our online form or call us on our telephone number above – we are now open until 10pm everyday of the week to answer your calls. There are many different models available and it depends on your budget and stairway. We can provide you with a free survey, price and/or brochure where you can find out more information about having a stair lift fitted and installed in the Norwich area.

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If someone in your home has suffered a serious accident that has left them without full mobility you may be having trouble adjusting to the disability.  Often this may decrease their ability to move around the home, especially if they are limited to a wheelchair and have lost full use of their legs.  Even if they are just struggling with balance or pain while recovering you may find yourself adjusting the home so that they can live on one floor since it may seem that navigating the stairs now is out of the question.

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There is another option though that will allow your loved one to carefully navigate the stairs without any threat of injury which can help increase their freedom and take away some of the restriction that they feel from the accident. Being injured is hard enough without feeling as if you are a prisoner of one area of the home, therefore, installing a stairlifts Norwich is a great way to increase access to the home once again and help lift their mood back up.  The best part is we can come out and give you a free estimate on what the installation will cost as well as help you to see if the NHS can help with the price so that you can make the thought a difficult reality.


Straight and curved Stairlifts Norwich

This is where the second type comes in, which is the curved stairlift.  These types of lifts are made to measure, meaning they will fit only your specific staircase.  They are able to go around one or multiple bends or corners, even when fitted to a spiral staircase.  These are quickly becoming the most commonly found type of stairlift.

Installing a stairlift will not cause your property or hallway to be damaged in any way.  Stairlifts do not get attached to the walls, meaning you will not be left with any damage should you come to remove the lifts.  Also, installation engineers are highly conscientious and will ensure that your property is left in a fully clean state once they complete installation, nor will they damage your carpets or flooring in any way.

Stairlifts also come with a variety of options in terms of their seating positions.  In fact, some stairlifts have standing platforms so you don’t need to sit at all.  All stairlifts are 100% safe and can come with handrails or seatbelts to ensure you feel secure whenever you use the lifts to travel up or down your staircase.  This means that the type of disability or mobility issue you have should never stop you from being able to use a lift, in turn meaning that you will be able to stay in your property for as long as you can.

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