This is dependent on the type of staircase you have. The most common type of stairlift is the straight stairlift which have straight rail from your top landing to your bottom landing. These are suitable only if you have no right/left angle bends or twists or half landing with additional steps to the head of the stairs. If you do have any of the above then a curved stairlift may be your only option. Curved rails come in various cross-sectional shapes to provide curves with the smallest radius possible to bend around newel posts and corners. Another option may be to purchase a platform or two straight lifts but this is not an ideal solution.

Costs vary greatly from which type of stairlift that is required to which supplier you choose. Straight lifts can range from? to? and curved lifts can range from? to?  dependant on your home site visit accurate quotations cannot be given until your exact measurements and requirements are taken.

We can help you with this, one of the best ways to find a reputable company is to use a independent stairlift comparison website such as this to ensure that the stairlift companies have been vetted for insurance, quality of service, and aftercare and have also come highly recommended.

Yes. stairlift are generally operated by a joystick control or simple up and down button. Your installation team will give you a demonstration and give you the opportunity to take a test run to ensure you understand the controls.

With new technology stairlifts have become quieter with a smoother ride. These days you may hear a low humming at most.

Yes all stairlifts have a call and send button option to provide a second user access to the lift in turn.

No. To allow access to the stairs for all occupants, the seat section, foot plate and arms of the lift all fold back to allow more space on landings when not in use leaving the staircase free to use.

On average between 18-20 stone, although it is best to ask for advice from the individual stairlift supplier who will guide you on which of their models are recommended for higher weight capacities.

By use of DC motor supplied by DC batteries which are coupled with a gearbox which connects with the stairlift track. The batteries are recharged when the chair is not in use at the top and bottom of the staircase.

The majority of staircases will accommodate a stairlift the only consideration is the width of the staircase for leg clearance whilst the lift is in transport, as the chair section of the lift does fold back to allow more space on landings when not in use. Slim line stairlift models are now available, suitability will be determined upon your home site survey.

No. DC stairlifts recharge their batteries whilst stationary the DC battery packs are fully charged  and have  the capability of holding enough charge for approximately 22 return trips on the lift (model dependant).

Yes. All installation teams will be fully trained when you purchase your stairlift through our reputable suppliers.

This is dependent on the type of stairlift required  Straight stairlift installations can be installed in less than 3 days in the case of emergency some companies offer next day installations. Curved stairlifts do take longer approximately 7-14 days as this involves taking of exact measurements, design and manufacturing the individual stairlift to your specific requirements.

For a straight lift you can expect an installation time of approximately 1 hour this will include a user demonstration and test run. For curved lifts this is dependent on the complexity of the staircase design on average this is 2-3hrs but can take considerably longer.

Yes. All companies provide a 12 month guarantee and warranty. Some companies are able to provide extended warranty and service packages upon request.

It is recommended that stairlift should have an annual service conducted by a qualified engineer. A signed service report certificate should be given on site

Some but not all, it depends on the individual company some will offer a buy back option although please note that stairlifts do depreciate rapidly. This may not be a major factor to consider when choosing a stairlift.