Curved Stairlifts

These are necessary if you have right/left angle bends or twists or a landing with additional steps to the head of the stairs. Curved stairlifts can cost more than those with straight rails as they are a bespoke item and the rail has to be manufactured to fit your individual staircase.

Prices from £1000.
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This involves taking of measurements, design and manufacturing to your specific requirements. Curved rails are made from materials such as steel or aluminium and come in various cross-sectional shapes. Individual designs vary enormously to provide curves with the smallest radius possible to bend around newel posts and corners. Your installation team will fit your stairlift using their expert knowledge and skills to provide a perfect fit for your curved staircase. The installation process usually takes a little longer than for a straight stairlift. All stairlifts are available with either a manual swivel or a powered swivel, depending on the user’s ability/preference. The costs for a curved stairlift range from £2000 to £5000 depending on model and step configuration. Each stairlift is designed to fit your individual staircase from the number and depth of the steps to the angle of the staircase therefore quotations for stairlifts are dependent on a home survey as telephone quotations can not be totally accurate and can only be taken as estimates that may alter.

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Curved Stairlifts

Platinum stairlifts specialise in only curved lift, hence their company slogon being ‘exclusivley curved’. They do not makes several different styles and models, which they believe enables them to focus soley on providing a superior curved stair lift. If your staircase has any type of corners or is awkward in design then a Platinum lift is ideal as each rail is manufactured so that it fits the shape of you stairs and gives a easy smooth ride. Another strength is that they claim 99% of there lifts can be fitted within 10 days taking no more than a couple of hours. They do not supply direct but many specialists across the UK can supply this stairlift type.

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